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Aspire to Inspire

Welcome all-

Perhaps you know me, perhaps you found me, perhaps you tweet me, perhaps you’re a follower of Reel Film Talk. Whatever portal brought you to my Photography Blog, I welcome you.

I’ll keep this introduction short and simple and let my images do the talking.

My Inspiration: You could say I come from a photographic family. My life could be told through a picture book. My first steps, My first day of school, my first home run, me sitting on the couch, me walking to my room, etc. In all seriousness, my family loves taking pictures. Capturing a moment in time. At age 14, I caught the shutterbug and began conducting Polaroid instant camera projects, which continued into my high school dark room days, proceeded by college courses in digital photography. Fast forward to today. As a 20 something kid living in the real world, I have grown to find my particular photographic niche: photojournalism.

As mentioned earlier, I stem from a highly photographic family but I also come from a strong rooted military family. My late Grandfather Charles O. Hardman served as an Army Lieutenant in WWII (including D Day, Battle of the Bulge) I grew up listening to him tell the Grandkids stories about his WWII efforts, stories, and “living in a foxhole.” His military influence has become an integral part of my life and aspirations. After the tragedy hit America on September 11, 2001, my mother began Fox Valley Troop Support, a not-for-profit Illinois Troop Support organization that sends care packages and letters to U.S. servicemembers currently deployed overseas. After college, I volunteered my photographic efforts to the FVTS and attended Military Homecomings, Military Care Package events, School letter writing events, Parades, etc. After my first military homecoming, I knew I wanted to be a photojournalist. Each homecoming I have witnessed has been equally rewarding. A homecoming ceremony is an event every U.S. citizen should witness, and if one does not have the capability to do so, I hope my photographs can provide a glimpse into these special moments.

The majority of content displayed on this site will contain storytelling elements using photojournalism as the focus. Although photojournalism will be the main theme of this blog; like any good photographer, I continue to explore other items of inspiration. Therefore, you may see a nature photo, a portrait, or any other type of creative medium.

Every picture has a story…



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